Next Team Organization has six departments and each department has a director who reports to the executive director. All directors including the executive director are members in the board of directors. The members of the board of directors are the founder, executive director, and department directors. The executive director is the chairman of the board. The six departments are:

Note: The available vacancies are in the Logistics and Finance departments only

  • Program Department
  1. Proposing event ideas
  2. Writing an event proposal which includes: event description, event objectives, event audience, number of participants, event duration, event date, event timing, event location, event schedule, method of registration, method of acceptance and event needs
  3. Evaluating application forms
  4. Writing certificate statements
  • Venue Department
  1. Reserving required locations for events
  2. Maintaining relations with locations’ owners
  3. Getting the best prices and informing the logistics department
  4. Checking rules and regulations of venues to the organization and guests
  5. Checking locations before events
  6. Taking notes of any problems and needs and reporting them to be fixed
  7. Issuing guests’ permits to enter venues
  8. Checking guests’ tickets
  9. Greeting guests and guiding them
  10. Guiding guests during events to cafeterias, water closets, …etc.
  11. Saying goodbye to guests
  12. Checking locations after events
  • Logistics Department
  1. Estimating event budgets
  2. Getting best prices in the market
  3. Purchasing event needs such as food, beverage, printings, equipment, …etc.
  4. Maintaining relations with stores’ owners
  • Finance Department
  1. Reviewing event budgets estimated by the logistics department
  2. Estimating participation fees according to event budgets and number of participant
  3. Submitting budget and fee reports to the executive director
  4. Giving budgets to the logistics department
  5. Collecting participation fees
  6. Submitting final financial reports to the executive director
  • Public Relations Department
  1. Talking about the organization to attract more volunteers, sponsors, partners, donors and audience
  2. Designing banners, certificates, posters, logos, …etc.
  3. Posting news on social media accounts frequently
  4. Replying to messages on social media accounts and emails
  • Strategic Relations Department
  1. Looking for partners and sponsors
  2. Writing partnership agreements with partners
  3. Building strong relations with partners and sponsors
  4. Submitting partnership agreements and partners’ profiles to the executive director
  5. Marketing and creating business relationships with and satisfying customers