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"In general the event was very well organized and it goes so smooth without any constraints, what I love the most is the strong connection between the different delegates who come from different backgrounds but it doesn't restrict them from expressing their opinions or exchange their ideas. We had so much fun in a way and gained so much knowledge and friends in other way.

NextMUN was my first MUN as it was the first to be done at universities level which makes it more interesting and challenging and it's totally a different experience, where I learnt a lot about negotiation and communication skills.

The simulation of the council was so good and all the delegates play their roles perfectly. I think it’s a good way to step on our feelings so instead of looking at what we really want for our home country we decide what is good for it based on the policy of the country we .representing, and for me this was the hardest part which teach me how diplomacy goes and how the security council could be run.

At the end I want to thanks Next Team for the great effort and for making it all possible, it was simply gorgeous"

Razan Ahmed
Participant in NextMUN'19

"Describing the experience I had with Next Sudan’s MUN is a hard thing to articulate; it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The team was highly diligent and plan-oriented, which led to the conference being one of the most professionally organized conferences I have ever attended. Not to mention how generously welcoming they were before, during and after the conference. They patiently attended to our questions and concerns and continuously minded creating a warm encouraging environment that eventually helped achieve the goals of the conference. The topic they chose was a pressing matter at the time and needed to be understood and discussed widely, which made the fact that I benefited from this conference even before it started a great step. As a representative of Belgium, I became aware through the extensive research required of the international role played in the conflicts of Sudan. I learned valuable lessons from this event, I would definitely recommend supporting Next Sudan initiative in the projects to come, they deserve it"

Fatima Ali
Participant in NextMUN'19

"NextMUN'19 was a great experience that I believe all young people interested in international affirs should have. I am so glad that I had the chance to participate in it ,being the first MUN at university level  yet was a highly- well organized and truly international conference.We learned and experienced how the UNSC work and to negotiate resolutions and policies. Of course much of the credit goes to Next team as they were very professional in handling the training sessions and preparations of the  conference."

Rahel Gezu
Participant in NextMUN'19

"NEXTMUN19' experience was more than wonderful, from which I learned a lot about the policies of states regarding global issues. I learned the teamwork and how every delegate strives to give his opinion and to come up with appropriate solutions to the discussed issues. I advise every one to have MUN in his life.

And the Next team were really amazing. They made everything perfect and wonderful. They deserve a lot of thanks and appreciation."

Sora Moneim
Participant in NextMUN'19

"this was the first time and I was so nervous and excited either،throughout the conference I learned how to speak and deal with other delegates and I gained  the foreign relations experience, now I am so confident in my personality and I am seeking to involve in  global conferences."

Weshah Khater
Participant in NextMUN'19


 I am Yousra Mohammed a student at School of math University of Khartoum.

I applied to join in  NEXTMUN'19 and I haven't the best ideas and background about it generally and about UNSC   especially but I overcome all the difficulties and lack of information by the helping of NEXT crew and my good well. I have alot of dreams and goals need to be achieved and I can't inquiry it without attend  an academic  initiatives and workshops like NEXTMUN'19. After this event my leading skills increased and I gain more experience and uncountable informations about ambassadors and how they treat with each other in their official and routine. Moreover, The event will help me to be capable to propose my ideas and achieving my goals in any international and local communities. Also, The procedures have being done during the security council sessions. Also, I have gain a good experience about The nature of relations between states and how decisions are taken from sessions."

Yousra Mohammed
Participant in NextMUN'19

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